Our new exhibition for 2018 is entitled ‘Birds and Wirds’.  It is a celebration of our fabulous feathered friends and will also take a wee ‘keek’ at the Scots’ language.









We have a varied collection of specimens to display – many collected in Victorian times, from Little Auks, Humming birds and Hoopoes – to Golden Pheasants, Pelicans and Capercaillie.

How many can we fit in the case? Why not come and see?

The school holiday family drop-in sessions will run as usual on Wednesday mornings 10am-12pm with some ‘birdy’ themed crafts and there are some beautiful new ‘bird’ dressing up costumes for the children to enjoy.

Our new ‘Tortiphant’ sculpture, a unique and eye catching icon for the Museum will be arriving soon and will be an exciting new addition to the Museum.

Looking forward to a busy season!

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