Come and see the Tortiphant!

Commissioned by The Friends of The Falconer Museum as a celebration of Dr Hugh Falconer’s life and work in India, the sculpture stands six feet tall and is made entirely from papier-mâché.

Artist Dom Buxton with the Tortiphant

It took artist Dom Buxton six months to complete the unique sculpture, including extra time for the dense paper-mâché to dry.  This is the largest sculpture Dom has ever created and really shows off the quality of his work.  The level of detail is amazing and must be seen close up to be truly appreciated.

Inspiration came from a cartoon in one of Falconer’s notebooks which shows Hugh Falconer as an elephant, drinking a pint of beer, whilst reading about his Indian fossil finds.  The humorous sketch is also a fitting tribute to Falconer’s discoveries since he found both fossil pygmy elephants and Atlas or Colossochelys tortoises.

Birds and Wirds Exhibition 2018

Our new exhibition for 2018 is entitled ‘Birds and Wirds’.  It is a celebration of our fabulous feathered friends and will also take a wee ‘keek’ at the Scots’ language.

We have a varied collection of specimens to display – many collected in Victorian times, from Little Auks, Humming birds and Hoopoes – to Golden Pheasants, Pelicans and Capercaillie.

How many can we fit in the case? Why not come and see?

Family Drop-Ins

The school holiday family drop-in sessions will run as usual on Wednesday mornings 10am-12pm with some ‘birdy’ themed crafts and there are some beautiful new ‘bird’ dressing up costumes for the children to enjoy.  For more info click here: birdy craft sessions.

Looking forward to a busy season!

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