Herbarium collections of dried/pressed plants or lichens stored in books (or between sheets of paper) with notes of where and when they were collected were important for scientific study and are still of great value to botanists today.

Some of the Falconer Herbaria were collected by Victorian and Edwardian plant specialists.  These 100 year old collections include species that are now rare/endangered and some may even be extinct.

The Museum Store is home to a significant Herbarium collection including:

  • Innes Herbaria (Dr J G Innes of Forres) possible collecting date of 1836
  • Keith Herbaria (Dr J Keith of Forres) – British Isles and Scandinavian specimens
  • Dunbar Herbaria (Rev. J A D Dunbar of Kinloss 1903)  British lichens with many collectors including Mrs. Stranger and Rev. A. Bloxam
  • Richter Herbarium (Dr Roland R Richter) collection of mosses
  • Straith Herbarium (James Straith) flowering plant collection c.1803
  • Mudd Herbarium – c. 19th century

The collection is housed in the Museum Store and access can be arranged by appointment.  Please contact us if you would like to come and see the collection.