The Falconer 150 research grant offers up to £1500 to support academic research that focuses upon the life and work of Hugh Falconer (1808-1865) botanist and palaeontologist.

It is offered by the Friends of the Falconer Museum to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Falconer Museum in Forres, Moray.

Closing date

The Friends of the Falconer Museum have now set a closing date: 31 October 2022. Your application will be considered if the Friends of the Falconer Museum receive the application via email no later than 31 October 2022, with the application via mail arriving in the following days. (Please see details on the application form below.)

Requirements for application

The Falconer 150 research grant will be awarded in 2022 to an academic researcher working in a field of study that sheds light on Hugh Falconer’s life and scientific work.

Eligible research strands include:

  • Botany
  • Geology
  • Palaeontology
  • Palaeoanthropology
  • Evolutionary science
  • History of science and the philosophy of Victorian science
  • History and historical biography
  • India and Colonialism 

Eligible candidates are scholars at a UK university conducting original research for:

  • Undergraduate dissertation
  • Master’s dissertation
  • PhD thesis including at least one substantial chapter focused upon Hugh Falconer (the grant to be awarded to a student engaged in the second or third year of research)

Applications may also be considered by post-doctoral researchers or members of academic staff conducting relevant research for publication as a monograph, substantial article, or chapter.

The successful applicant will be asked to submit a progress report on the research, one year after payment of the grant.

She or he will further be asked to present a copy of the completed research (digital or in print) for public consultation in the library of the Falconer Museum; and also, to give a public lecture/presentation (in person or online) at an event organised by the Friends of the Falconer Museum.

Applicants for the Falconer 150 research grant should use the attached form. 

Applications will be considered by the committee of the Friends of the Falconer Museum. The committee may request further information and may seek external advice or request additional information from applicants before awarding the grant. 

Application Form can be downloaded below!

Hugh Falconer’s Signature