The Falconer Museum has an extensive natural history collection.  It includes local treasures from Moray and specimens of wonder and beauty from all around the world – botanical, geological, zoological.

Nowadays we can easily view images of the natural world on our TV and computer screens but it is always so much better to see things in real life.   Why not come and see what we have for yourself?  A selection from the natural history collection is always on display in the Museum cases or as objects available for handling, while the rest is housed in the purpose-built museum store.

Here is a small selection:

  • The skull of a dugong
  • Cabinets of butterflies and insects
  • Local rocks containing fossils of primitive fish
  • Herbaria containing plants, mosses and lichens from 100 years ago
  • Tiger and lion skins
  • A mosaic made entirely of Polynesian sea shells
  • A capercaillie
  • A wapiti

Have you seen any before?  Do you know what they are?

If you would like to see the full collection, please contact us to arrange a store tour.