Simone Kenyon, dancer and choreographer hosts an evening focused on Nan Shepherd, Scottish hill walker, writer and poet and featured on the Royal Bank of Scotland’s £5 note.

Simone current artistic research is inspired by Shepherds idea of ‘Walking out of the body and into the Mountain’. She will be joined by academics and historians to discuss Shepherd’s close relationship with the hills and nature, as well as exploring women’s views, thoughts and relationship of the Scottish landscape.

Simone’s ambitious new work, Into the Mountain, is set within the Cairngorm Mountains and inspired by the lyrical and embodied prose of Nan Shepherd’s 1974 book, The Living Mountain. The site-sensitive performance explores and celebrates women’s relationships with high and wild places. Over the past four years, Simone Kenyon has worked with women who live and walk in the Cairngorms.

The evening will look at Nan Shepherd’s influence on today’s walkers, artists, writers and the North East of Scotland’s Culture.